Local Residents Celebrate History 

Today, a local church celebrated an important month.Community residents turned out for singing, dancing and a chance to honor a part of our country’s history.Caroline Connolly has the story.Within the Bangor community lies a smaller one with voices carrying a message.”Both young and old need to understand the importance of respecting one another, and valuing one another and what one another brings to the table,” said Pastor of the Destiny Worship Center, Brian Hurst.They’re using the month of February to pass it along.”February is Black History Month, and so my church wanted to do something in honor of black history,” said the center’s Music Director, Raechina Johnson.Johnson, along with her congregation, wanted to bring the multicultural celebration to the city.”It’s important that we know our culture as Americans. Black history is not just African American history, it’s the history of America.”Pictures of some of history’s most famous figures were there to reiterate that.All who contributed to U.S. history in some way, and shaped the future for the people celebrating now.”When we started the church it was sort of a natural thing. The racial mix that we have we were excited about. Just the style of music, the style of preaching and those types of things attracted a diverse crowd,” said Hurst.But one that shared basic principles, which are at the core of black history month.”It’s the history of us learning to get along, and treat each other equally,” said congregation member, Meriah Butler.An idea simply put and at times not easily accepted, but it was one that everyone at the center was in tune with.