Local Women Send Message of Health, Wealth and Wellness 

These entreprenuers and social media gurus are dancing to make a point.They’re creating a music video in Hampden to give away a product that not only helps the environment but the state of Maine.”This is the sea bag, it’s whale tail so it’s made right in Maine, it’s made of recycled sail.”Sarah Quirk and Susan Stephenson are giving away the sea bag on their blog “Well to Do.” The blog promotes health, wealth and wellness.”We use it as a way to have fun and to talk about something we love and it can be the range of green or wellness or Maine products any of those type of things,” Quirk said.The two friends from high school created the blog to connect with everyone about green living.”There are different shades of green, you can do simple green stuff like buying something that’s made from recycled material or you can choose to have green cleaning products and taker it to another level,” Quirk said.Using social media tools like Facebook, the women are able to send their message and it seems to be working. To date, “Well to Do” has over seven hundred followers. Amber Small who owns Sweetest Thing Weddings says she got involved with “Well to Do” because she was impressed by Sarah and Susan’s mission of female empowerment and general fabulousness.”You’re also supporting your neighbor and isn’t that the most Maine thing to do is to support your neighbor,” Small said.And with a simple click, you can as well. The video and the giveaway will take place this week on Wednesday, February 23rd.To check out “Well to Do,” you can log onto their website here.