Clipping For A Cause 

It’s called clipping for a cause.It’s a group of folks who have gotten together to swap coupons and save up to 60 percent on their groceries a month.Tracy Green first stared “couponing” a year ago. She now cuts her grocery bill in half thanks to coupons.She decided she wanted to share her knowledge with others.Which is how the group started.They also send expired coupons overseas to help out military families because those coupons are good overseas on military bases for an additional six months.And coupons that are left over they use to buy supplies for local charities.” As the economy has got worse and worse there are so many families that are struggling and this is so easy to do. It just takes a little bit of time.”The group meets once a month at the Hope Lutheran Church which is located at 1520 Union Street in Bangor.For more information you can go to their Facebook page