Bangor High School Student Athletes Become All-Americans 

The motto of the Bangor School System is “Academic Excellence for All”. Over time, Bangor High School has proved to have both academic and athletic excellence.Friday morning, hundreds of student athletes became Bangor High School All-Americans. “The one way to change your life is to have a great education, and if you have work ethic and attitude to go with it, you obviously are going to have success,” said Stephen Vanidestine, Athletic Director at Bangor High School.More than 240 students at Bangor High School have been succeeding in the classroom and in athletics.”We are honoring excellence in academics, athletics, attitude and attendance,” said Betsy Webb, Superintendent of the Bangor School System.The 244 students are now, Bangor High School All-Americans- something they say is an honor and gives them an extra push to continue to work hard. “Knowing you work hard in school and on the field and it can pay off and people can recognize you for it,” said Jack Stacey, an All-American.Hillary Throckmorton agrees with Stacey, “We’ve worked hard for this recognition and we want to work hard to win the quarter final game too.”School officials hope the program will give students confidence in all aspects of life. “If you have a goal and you reach high enough, good things happen,” said Webb.”Our definition of success is doing something hard over a long time, very well,” added Vanidestine.This quarter’s Bangor High All-Americans have some words of advice for those hoping to earn the title in the future.”Follow your goals and put everything into it that you can, so you have no regrets at the end,” said Jacques Larochelle.Kim Jordan, another All-American agreed, “Stay focused and keep your school work up and attendance here at the school.”School officials hope to eventually expand the program to include other extra-curricular activities.