Students Make Big Donation to Food Pantry 

After reading a children’s magazine highlighting kids raising money for people in need, local students decided to get involved.First graders at Holden Elementary School decided to collect peanut butter for a local food pantry. Then, the entire school got involved.As we found out, they’re donating a lot more than just the peanut butter.For a month, students at Holden Elementary School have been collecting food for the food pantry at Holden Congregational Church.”We go places when people have no electricity, they have wood stoves only. They light their homes sometimes just by candles, and they’re so grateful to get anything,” said Eleanor Murley, food committee chair at Holden Congregational Church.The kids at Holden Elementary all pitched in, donating whatever they could.”Sauce and a thing of peas,” said Seanna Williams, a first grader at the school.Her classmate Austin Baker donated a lot of different items. “Couple of fruits, vegetables, canned food, boxed food.”More than 120 cans of soup, 70 jars of peanut butter, 115 boxed dinners and much more were collected to give to those in need.”It was more than I imagined we’d collect and to be able to see that, all those boxes lined up there looked pretty good,” said Susan Harriman, first grade teacher at Holden Elementary School.”We just knew to collect food for the hungry people because they had no food and we just thought they needed food,” said Baker.Classmate Mackenzie Haynes agreed, ” People who don’t have food and it’s not good because they will go to bed hungry and you need to have some food in your body.”The school plans to do another food collection in the future and the kids are all on board.”This time we’re gonna get lots more! Like 160 this time,” exclaimed Baker.