Small Plane Crash in Stetson 

A Levant pilot is okay as of Friday morning, after crashing his small plane off of the Hughy Road in Stetson Thursday night.According to rescue crews, the plane went down near a snowmobile trail around 5 o’clock.We’re told the small, two-seater plane had engine trouble, lost power and crashed.Ellery Batchelder is the pilot of the small sports plane and has 20 years of experience.We spoke with him at the scene of the crash Friday afternoon.He told us the plane had a bad vibration and then the engine quit.Batchelder says he tried to land the small aircraft but crashed near a snowmobile trail off Hughy Road.”I just brought it down to just above the stall speed and held the plane there and kept it in the open area I could find until she come to a stop,” he said.Batchelder was able to get out of the cockpit, walking away from the crash with just a bruise on his ankle.He believes one of the blades on the propeller came apart and caused the engine to vibrate so hard it threw the carborators off.The F.A.A. is now investigating.