Members of Maine State Nursing Association Picket 

Members of the Maine State Nursing Association were picketing in downtown Bangor Thursday.They say they are trying to get the support of the public by putting pressure on board members of Eastern Maine Medical Center.They say they want them to do whatever they can to get their contract settled.They say they have had no luck meeting with board members in group or individual settings.”So we decided that it left us with no alternative but to take out actions to the streets in front of businesses of the board members to enlist the aid of the community.”EMMC Spokeswoman Jill McDonald released this statement.”This kind of tactic is to be expected in a union contract campaign. This California-based union is trying to pressure hospital board members into inserting themselves into the bargaining process. EMMC’s board members are well apprised of the negotiations, which are appropriately going on at the bargaining table, between the two negotiating teams. the next scheduled date, chosen by the federal mediator, is February 28, 2011.”