Maine Native Survives First Tribal Council on “Survivor” 

A former basketball stand out from Maine is proving she has what it takes to outwit, outplay and outlast the other contestants on the TV show “Survivor: Redemption Island”- at least during the first episode. 26-year-old Ashley Underwood of Benton made her debut Wednesday night on the season premiere in Nicaragua, along the other 17 contestants.Underwood played basketball at UMaine, wrapping up her career in 2007 as a 1,000 point scorer. She also played professional ball overseas and was Miss Maine USA in 2009. Underwood’s Survivor team includes another New Englander who’s previously been on the show, “Boston Rob”.Even though her team was the first sent to tribal council to vote off a player, Underwood wasn’t even mentioned as someone to send home. You can catch Underwood’s survival skills each Wednesday night at 8 p.m on TV5.