Kids Jump for Health 

Although it may not look like it, these kids are on the front line of a major battle.”We want to keep our heart healthy,” said third grader, Maddie Meale.Together, they’re using gym class to fight heart disease, which kills more than four thousand people a year in Maine.”You really need to take care of your heart, and heart disease can kill you sometimes,” said classmate, Amelia Silva.A lesson they almost had to learn this year when the secretary at Ellsworth Elementary suffered two heart attacks. “What we’ve taught our students is that Mrs. Cox, our school secretary, did everything right. She took good care of herself, and still has heart disease,” said David Norwood, the school’s Physical Education teacher.Which is why Norwood says this year’s annual ‘Jump for Heart’ campaign is extra special.”We’ve never had someone as close to us with heart disease that we’ve been able to jump in honor of.”They’re working just as hard outside of school to raise money for the American Heart Association.”Some kids bring in five or six dollars in change. They empty out piggy banks, and some write checks. It’s a wide variety of fundraising,” said David Norwood.While they hope to raise more than a thousand dollars this year, the healthy lessons they’ve learned seem to be more valuable.