FBI Could Investigate Chelsea Town Official 

Federal authorities could get involved in the investigation of the chair of the Chelsea board of selectmen, accused of trying to get a $10,000 kickback.52-year-old Carole Sawn is charged with forgery, attempted theft and two counts of improper compensation for services. Authorities say Swan tried to overpay a road contractor with the intent of getting some of the money back in return.Kennebec County Sheriff Randall Liberty says the FBI has now been in touch with him about the case. Liberty says the agency is concerned about what Swan did with money the town received from the Federal Emergency Management Agency.Chelsea was given more than $300,000 in disaster aid after the Patriot’s Day storm of 2007. Liberty says much of that money was awarded to Marshall Swan Construction, owned by Carole’s husband. Carole Swan been on the selectboard for nineteen years.She’s free on $25,0000 bail and is due in court in May.