Democrats Blast LePage Nominee 

Some Democrats say they’re concerned about the Governor’s choice to head up the Department of Education.Governor LePage has chosen former State Senator Steve Bowen, who also worked for the Maine Heritage Policy Center, a conservative think tank.Bowen also taught junior high school and high school social studies for 8 years.House Minority Leader Emily Cain questioned Bowen’s experience and blasted the Maine Heritage Policy Center saying the organization is “Notorious for manipulating and misrepresenting information to support a right wing political agenda. We hope he will be able to put aside the political rhetoric and put forth policy that is based on reality and that will bring together teachers, students, parents, and administrators.”The Governor defended his nominee against some of those concerns. “You can buy legislative experience all day long. What you can’t buy is leadership, loyalty, and the most important thing, someone who cares about the kids,” LePage said. Other democrats, like Senator Justin Alfond of Portland say Bowen’s lack of experience is troublesome. “I really disagree with the Governor of the state of Maine,” Senator Alfond said. “Experience matters. Loyalty is important but experience matters. This is one of the largest agencies in the state of Maine.”Bowen still faces legislative confirmation before he can take over as the head of the Department of Education.