Lawmakers Considering Bills That Would Change Election Rules 

Maine lawmakers are considering changes to the election process but a group in Augusta Wednesday told a legislative panel that those changes being considered would make it too tough for many Mainers to vote.Lawmakers held public hearings on two bills that could effect the voting process.The first would require voters to present a photo ID at the polls instead of just verifying their address. The other would do away with same day voter registration.A coalition of advocacy groups was in Augusta to speak out against the bills, saying they’re not needed. “There have only been two cases in over 30 years of people voting twice,” says Shenna Bellows of the Maine Civil Liberties Union. “There have been no cases of a person impersonating another person in our entire history. This is a solution in search of a problem.”Supporters of both bills, like Patrick Calder, also addressed lawmakers. He says just because voter fraud isn’t reported doesn’t mean it’s not there. “Okay that’s voter fraud you know about but by very definition you don’t know about voter fraud so I think that’s a spurious argument,” Argued Calder. “It’s to prevent voter fraud that we’re doing this.”Officials at the Maine Civil Liberties Union say the affects of these changes would be felt mostly by the disabled and elderly population in Maine.