Haag and Cyphert Sentenced in Machias 

The couple found guilty in an unusual case of kidnapping and criminal restraint were sentenced in Machias Wednesday.The judge sentenced 34-year-old Colin Haag to 2 1/2 years behind bars for kidnapping 35-year-old Amanda Cyphert’s two children in South Carolina. Cyphert was sentenced to 9 months in jail, followed by two years probation.Police say Haag posed as a minister and Cyphert posed as his wife in several states before being arrested in Ellsworth last year.Defense attorney Jeff Davidson spoke on behalf of Cyphert saying she is ready to put this behind her.”She was okay with the sentence. Obviously no one is thrilled when they get sentenced in a case like this. She’s already got five months in jail and another three to go,” he said.Meanwhile prosecutor Paul Cavanaugh says they were hoping for a stricter sentence for Haag given his criminal history but respect the judge’s decision.”The state’s point was this is a guy that’s learning this isn’t a guy that probation might help or might be safe in the community, whatever this crime is worth, he ought to serve that time,” he said.Cyphert is in custody at the Washington County Jail, Haag is at a department of corrections facility.Haag’s attorney, Toff Toffolon, was not available for comment.