Popular Bookstore in Downtown Bangor Shutting Down 

Inside Lippincott Books in Downtown Bangor, you’ll find just about anything from a first edition dating back to the 1900’s to contemporary favorites.But the beloved book shop is closing its doors.Store owner Bill Lippincott says he’s closing the store because he’d like to sell books from home at his own pace.”Do some internet sales, do more book fairs. I’ll still be open by appointment, but I’ll be working on my own time instead of running the shop here,” he said.Lippincott has been sharing his love of books for thirty five years, 16 of those here on Central Street.”I love to read and I grew up with books traditionally we’ve known books and I’m still in love with that form of the book.”With popular gadgets changing the way people read, many used bookstores have been forced to shut down, but technology hasn’t affected Lippincott’s sales. This past year was his most successful.”The book form is changing, but there’s still plenty of people interested in the physical book and like to come and browse not necessarily know what they’re going to find.”He will continue to sell his books online, but he’ll miss meeting and connecting with customers over a good book.”I’d just like to them all for making this an enjoyable experience. Part of the joy of meeting people interested in books is that a lot of them know more about a particular subject than I’ll ever know so I’ve just learned so much from my customers over the years.”A closing date hasn’t been set, but Lippincott says he expects it will be in March.If you’d like to check out Lippincott’s online database, log onto lippincottbooks.netThe store will host a party on Saturday, February 21st at three featuring poetry readings and live music.