New Rules Could Be On The Way For Adult Businesses In Waterville 

Waterville City Council will decide tonight on what parts of the city are suitable for adult entertainment.City officials have drafted a new ordinance to ban adult entertainment businesses in certain parts of the city.The new ordinance would not allow such businesses in downtown Waterville or residential areas.Such establishments would be allowed in highly commercial or industrial areas.Councilors have already voted twice on the new ordinance but it takes three votes to make it official.City manager Michael Roy says he doesn’t expect anything different with tonight’s vote. “I don’t expect any vote to be different tonight than the prior two,” Roy says. “I think the council spent a lot of time on this. Listened to what people had to say. That’s why I think tonight will be pretty much along the lines of the first two votes.”The council meeting starts at 7:00.The adult entertainment ordinance is the first order of business on the agenda.