Local Students Step Up at Brewer High School 

Brewer High School opened its doors to 8th graders from six local schools to show off what the Witches have to offer.”They’re able to choose three classes that they’ll visit, listen to some music and just interact, try to get an idea of who are we here at Brewer High School,” said Rebecca Bubar, principal of Brewer High School. It’s all part of Brewer High School’s annual Step Up day. It’s a chance for local 8th graders, who need to choose a high school, to see if they like it here. “I’m excited to see what the classes and teachers are like and the education,” said Danielle Wyman, 8th grader at Holbrook School.”Probably looking forward to seeing Social Studies, Civics and Modern Language,” added Brian Horr, 8th grader at Dedham School. Current BHS students are on hand to answer any questions and show the 8th graders the ropes. “You can do so many different things here and just about the group of people that go here. There’s a lot of really great people,” said Teal Jackson, a sophomore at Brewer High School.”Whatever you want to go with in your life, we will help you get there,” added Bubar.”My four years at Brewer High I’ve met a lot of the different teachers, they’re always supportive and I also play sports. I’ve made a lot of friends that way too,” said Evan Nadeau, a senior at Brewer High School. While the 8th graders have a big decision to make, at least one has made up his mind, he’ll become a Witch in 2011. “I think you’ll find your place, even if you don’t think you’ll fit in,” said Horr.