Community Gathers in Bangor to Remember The Maine 

It’s been 113 years since the battleship U-S-S Maine exploded and sank in Havana Harbor, sparking the Spanish-American War. Dozens of Mainers marked the day in Bangor. As in years past, they gathered at the monument in Davenport Park where a piece of the ship rests. 266 service members died the day the Maine blew up.Members of the Bangor VFW have spear headed the remembrance ceremony for nearly 40 years. They say it’s a chance to honor and support all those who’ve served.District 4 Commander Ron Smith says, “It represents the sacrifice of all the veterans that were killed in battle or just served in battle. They put their time in, they served their country. Some of them still have scars that will never go away.”The Maine was in Havana to protect U.S. interests during the Cuban revolt against Spain.It was never quite clear what caused the explosion. The initial though was that the Spanish blew up the ship with a mine.But investigators also say the blast could have been an accident.