Mike and Mike Team Up with Specialty Sweets for Massive Chocolate Bar 

While Cupid is out shooting arrows, many people are out picking up sweets for their sweets.Thanks to a local candy shop and two radio personalities, someone is getting quite the chocolate fix this Valentine’s Day. Courtney and Matthew St. Jean are in the business of satisfying people’s sweet tooths. Valentine’s Day is their busiest day and this year, they were issued a challenge by two guys named Mike.”We were actually sleeping one morning and received a call live on the radio from Mike and Mike. They prompted us with a, almost dare of sorts, to create them something we have never done before,” described Matthew St. Jean, co-owner of Specialty Sweets.”We thought it would be kinda fun to have a Mike and Mike chocolate bar. Originally we envisioned having hundreds of them and just giving them away,” added Mike Dow, co-host of the Mike and Mike Show on Kiss 94.5.The folks at Specialty Sweets in Bangor had a different idea, a massive 15.5 pound Mike and Mike chocolate bar, to be given away live on the air on Valentine’s Day. “We’re offering a sledge hammer dipped in chocolate to come with it. We’re saying to break it up and you can dip strawberries or pretzels and lots of people like to put the chocolate on ice cream,” explained Courtney St. Jean, co-owner of Specialty Sweets. More than 400 people entered the drawing to take home the specialty sweet. The winner was drawn at random on the Mike and Mike morning show. “Pulling out a name, and our winner is.. Mark Rediker! Mark Rediker congratulations!” said Dow. “I don’t think I’ve ever won anything in my life, so when she called my name I thought it was a joke at first,” added Mark Rediker. Mark is our Chief Photographer here at TV 5 News and the chocolate he won is no joke. “My kids are gonna be just overwhelmed. I don’t know what’s going to happen with 15.5 pounds of chocolate,” said Rediker. “I have a feeling Mark’s wife is going to be a very happy lady when Mark pulls into the driveway tonight,” added Dow.It won’t just be Mark’s family that’s smiling thanks to Specialty Sweets this Valentine’s Day, hundreds of people are getting their sweethearts something special from the candy shop. “Just knowing that we’re making everyone’s Valentine’s Day even more special, that’s enough for us,” said Courtney St. Jean.