Long Lasting Love- Part 2 

The couples I met have seen it all. They’ve all lived in war times, had children, and some are even great grandparents.One thing they don’t know too much about though…divorce.”You’re never supposed to get a divorce if you get married in an episcopal church, you’re not supposed to get a divorce. we’ve lived up to that…so far…we got time.”Maybe it’s a sign of the technological times we live in, but a lot of couples in this day and age come together thanks to the internet.So i had to ask what they thought of the online dating scene.”I think its better face to face don’t you dear? You really cant tell what they other person is thinking when they’re on the other end of a line that you can’t see their face.””I think a lot of people don’t really know what it is to really get to know a person and online has a lot of advantages getting to find people, but thats not the same thing as spending time together.” Recent studies show that 50% of American marriages end in divorce, so what are these couples secrets to making it last?”You’re going to have a lot of arguments and difficulties during your lifetime but usually you can come to some agreement. yeah talk it over.””Taking trips to Hawaii hasn’t hurt.””You have to give and take. You know you can’t take everything.””You have to talk with each other, yeah get aquatinted real well.”But also having a husband who agrees with you..”Isn’t that right dear? Yes dear.”Doesn’t hurt.