Long Lasting Love- Part 1 

Eugene and Eileen Churchill wasted no time tying the knot in the Big Apple back in 1944.”This is how it goes. We met in January and we were married in April. We didn’t go together very long and the old ladies here in town said that marriage never lasts.”It looks like after 65 years of marriage, the Churchill’s are getting the last laugh.The marriage may have lasted, but the original wedding ring is a different story.”The ring, I wore out the first wedding ring.”While World War II might have sped up Ray Perkin’s proposal in 1943 to his wife Louise, he says he always knew she was the one.”Was it love at first sight? Had to be the one, evidently he thought it was. It was her or nothing.”A report for duty order for the Korean War played a part in Richard and Dorothy Rowe’s 1953 nuptials.”We had thought we would get married in September and then he found out he had to report for duty so we got married May 30th.”While Lloyd and Gertude Johnston were both in the miltary back in the 1940’s, that’s not how they met.It was the big Saturday night dance in Dover-Foxcroft 62 years ago that brought them together.”Used to be a big Saturday night thing to go to the big dance on Saturday nights.””He came over and asked me to dance and said who brought you to the dance and I said my brother. He says yeah right. He wouldn’t believe a brother would take a sister to a dance I guess.”While days have turned into weeks then into years for these couples, they say time just kind of flew by. “It’s just been one year at a time as I say. I know a year is quite awhile but it seems like they go fast.”Looking back on it all, there aren’t too many regrets.”What would you say would be the highlight of your relationship do you think, what was some great moments of it…gosh we’ve had so many.””Pledge for better or for worse, mostly it’s been better.”