Dignity for All Campaign 

Dignity for all- that’s the goal of a new campaign by Power in Community Alliances, or PICA.They held a kick off ceremony Monday in Bangor.The group is asking state and local leaders to endorse their principle of equal rights for everyone.PICA believes any person who lives or works in Bangor should be given the same rights and treated with dignity.They’re asking folks to sign their dignity-for-all pledge.”We are concerned that the financial crisis that our country is going through has given people permission to scapegoat people,” says Tom Grogan, Director of Pica, “to demonize people and talk about people as though they are villains and the cause of problems, as opposed to victims and people needing support.”A number of community leaders also spoke at the kick off campaign, including those from the NAACP, Spruce Run, and the Bangor Theological Seminary. For more information on the Dignity for all Campaign, log onto