Business Leaders Unveil Their Suggested Guidelines For Evaluating LD-1 

State lawmakers took their first look at the Governor’s environmental regulatory reform bill known as LD-1 on Monday. A group of business men and women gathered at the state house to endorse a set of guidelines they say will help lawmakers do the right thing.The group says any reforms to current environmental rules should benefit Maine’s people, not special interests. They also say any changes need to ensure protection of Maine’s air, water, land, and wildlife.The group criticized the Governor’s plan calling it a threat to Maine’s environment and the health of Mainers. “We disagree strongly with proposals that weaken environmental safeguards to the lowest common denominator used anywhere in the United States,” said Pete Didisheim of the Natural Resources Council of Maine. “And we disagree with the false notion that we need to dismantle our environmental laws in order to strengthen our economy.”Among the proposals presented to lawmakers on Monday are some calling for job and fiscal cost analysis of new environmental rules, and replacing the board of environmental protection with an appeals panel.