Bangor Bakery Changes Family Ties 

A Bangor business that has remained in one family for ninety years has changed hands.The Brick Oven Bangor Rye Bakery sale was finalized Friday.The business has been part of the Cohen family tree since the 1920 until Ralph Beckwith sold it to the Huston brothers, Paul and Peter, last week.”We’ll take it day by day and see how it works out but we want to get our arms around things right now and see how it works out,” said Paul.”You asked about pressure and I think one of the, there is pressure associated with taking on a small business like this especially one that is so reputable,” Peter said. ” And that’s what the pressure is to make sure we can continue to do exactly what Ralph Beckwith, the previous owner, has done for years.”Ruby and Clara Cohen, the parents of former senator and secretary of defense William Cohen, ran the bakery for years. Beckwith, the Cohen’s son-in-law, bought the company in 1993 to keep it in the family. He said he had other suitors looking to buy the bakery.But it was the Hustons who were the perfect fit, something that’s not lost on the brothers.”I think it was, that’s a great compliment for Ralph to say that because he’s invested his entire life into developing this business and for him to say that we’re capable of doing it is a vote of confidence,” said Peter. ” And makes us feel like we’re capable of doing it as well.”They both have sales and marketing backgrounds but are now ready to roll up their sleeves, put on an apron and get to work. “To actually do physical work that creates a product that people every day thank you for and say keep making the great rolls that’s very rewarding there’s no question it’s very different from where we came from,” said Paul.But they don’t have plans to change what has worked for decades”We want to just run it as is and not have any signs that there’s been a change,” Paul Huston said and his brother Peter added “We want the product quality to continue as it always has.”