Accused Killer Appears In Court 

A Massachusetts man accused of murder, robbery, and arson made his first appearance in an Augusta courtroom on Monday.32-year-old David Silva Jr. appeared in Superior Court in Augusta with a swastika cut in the hair on the back of his head and cried as the judge read the charges against him. Silva is accused of fatally shooting 53-year-old Robert Orr, robbing him, and burning down his Readfield home.Orr had had been letting Silva and his girlfriend, 24-year-old Lindsey Spence, stay at the house until they got back on their feet. According to court documents, Silva’s girlfriend said Silva had planned to rob Orr after finding a safe, money, and guns in the house.On February 9th, Spence told police she awoke to gunshots and found the headless body of Robert Orr slouched in a chair.She told police Silva said he shot Orr and told her to wait for him at a nearby gas station. The court documents state that Silva met up with Spence and told her he burned the house down. The pair left in seperate vehicles and fled to Massachusetts where Spence says Silva sold the stolen merchandise and bought heroin.As Silva was being led back to jail, he told reporters he had nothing to say except he was sorry. Outside the courthouse Robert Orr was remembered as a king and giving man. “You know it cost him his life. Helping a fellow man ultimately cost him his life and I think that’s what really stands out,” said Deputy Attorney General Bill Stokes. Orr’s friend David Sylvester “He was a great man, very well loved man. ” He was just nice to every body. You can ask anyone in Winthrop, Readfield, the surrounding towns, you know he’s just a good guy you know help anybody out.” Orr’s sister, Nancy Mooney, also spoke out about what she hopes Silva’s fate will be. “I hope he rots in jail forever and I hope she goes with him too because I don’t know it’s just wrong what they did.”Deputy Attorney General Bill Stokes says Silva’s girlfriend has not been charged. When asked if she would be, he wouldn’t comment.Stokes says the case will be presented to the next grand jury. Silva will be held without bail at the Kennebec County Jail. If convicted on all charges, Silva could spend the rest of his life behind bars.