Renew Your Vows for Valentine’s Day 

Couples celebrating Valentine’s Day can make a unique reservation for the evening.Local radio station, WHCF, is teaming up with the Bangor Baptist Church to offer couples a chance to renew their vows.They’re expecting more than fifty couples to join them for the ceremony, which includes food and prizes.Event organizers hope the event will bring people closer together. “In today’s day and age, often the word commit gets thrown around very lightly and we’re looking to encourage couples to be a little more committed to each other,” said Assistant Pastor, Tom Obey. The ceremony will be held Monday at the Bangor Baptist Church from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. Promotions Director for Lighthouse Radio Network, Joe Polek, says they scheduled it so couples will have enough time to make it to any dinner plans. “We’re doing it early enough in the evening that they can still go out and have their dinner and whatever else they’d like to do, but it’s an opportunity for them to really remember why they got married in the first place.”You can make a reservation for renewal by calling 947-6576 or 947-2751.There is a five dollar fee for each couple.