Kentucky Based Company Buys Prime Tanning 

More than two hundred people packed the Hartland Town Office Saturday to vote on the future of the town’s largest employer, Prime Tanning.Of the 211 votes cast, 196 said “yes” to allow Kentucky based company, Tasman Industries, to buy assets of the operation and the leasing of the facility at a price tag of around 6.5 million dollars.Norman Tasman, the President of the company, says his main goal is to keep jobs.”We want to turn this operation around be successful and not do anything that’s going to harm anyone in the community in the process.”Last year the tannery filed for bankruptcy leaving the town of Hartland in debt.Despite the Chapter Eleven filing, the tannery remains in operation.Victor LeCourt moved to Hartland five years ago and believes Tasman Industries can fix the problem. “The town has been going downhill since and I think this is the first glimpse I’ve seen of it picking up a bit,” he said.As part of the deal the town would have to enter a cost sharing agreement with the company on the town’s wastewater facility.The agreement would cost taxpayers around 100-thousand dollars. Tasman calls it a “community effort.””Nobody wants to pay more taxes on anything it’s a community effort not just my coming in here and waving my magic wand and everything better it has to come from the community,” he said.Residents voiced their concerns for two hours before voting on the deal.Tasman Industries is the largest producer of cattle hides in the world.The company prides itself on being a family run business which persuaded LeCourt to vote “yes.””I don’t think they’re lying, I think they’re here for themselves and for us,” he said.Tasman’s President says Prime Tanning will begin operating under Tasman on Monday.