Senator Collins Tours New Model For Childcare Facilities 

The Educare facility in Waterville opened it’s doors in September of last year. It serves 210 children, ages 0-5, and has an extensive waiting list. Officials here say the facility was built to encourage learning and exploration and their goal is to provide a solid foundation for the kids who pass through here. “This is really about preparing our future workforce today,” says Kathryn Colfer, Director of Child & Family Services. “Because it really helps form their attitudes about lifelong learning, about going to college.”The atmosphere includes a variety of educational activities, plenty of sunlight, and an environment that encourages parents to take an active role. “When we walk through we’ll see a parent sitting and and reading with their child or doing a puzzle with their child and it helps with that transition of drop off or pick up so it’s child friendly and engages parents as well,” says Tracye Fortin, Director of Operations at KV Cap Child and Family Services.Friday Senator Susan Collins toured Educare. Senator Collins had tried, unsuccessfully, to get around $250,000 of federal money to help build more facilities like this one around the country. But she’s still looking for money to help what these folks believe is the new model for daycare facilities. “But what i’m going to offer today is my assistance in locating federal funds that might be available through existing programs,” Collins said. Collins spent some time today reading one of her favorite children’s books, Antlers Forever, to a group of students. “What I love best about this book it’s by a Maine author,” Collins said. “So it also teaches these children that they children that they can write stories that they can grow up to be whatever they want to be.”