New Details Released On Proposed Budget 

More details emerged today about Governor LePage’s proposed two-year, $6.1-billion budget.The new budget proposes some changes for state workers and welfare.The governor wants to continue the freeze on cost of living increases for state workers and raise the retirement age to 65.LePage says the budget makes “reasonable reforms” to the government employee retirement system to save $413-million over two years. The savings would then be put into aid to local schools and a $203-milliontax cut and increasing the highway budget by 10%.The budget would also impose a five year limit on welfare benefits and require legal non-citizens to live in Maine for at least 5 years before they would be eligible to receive welfare, as well as requiring convicted drug felons to pass drug tests to get benefits.Department of Health and Human Services Commisioner Mary Mayhew says that residency requirement would save nearly $20-million over the next two years.