National Toboggan Championships 

It’s an event where speed is vital. Folks from all over the world come to Camden for it.Meghan Hayward takes us to the National Toboggan Championships.Folks will flock to Camden this weekend to witness the 21st annual National Toboggan Championships.”It’s a really great family event. It’s a good opportunity to get outside, enjoy the great weather and winter.”There are 400 teams, many of which take part every year.And this year, they’ve opened up an experimental class.”We have 25 sleds that are going to be racing down that can be any manner. Anything other than a wooden toboggan.”The championships are a big boom for the town during winter.”The hotels are all filled up. The restaurants get to benefit.”Organizers say some folks are really competitive and they have encountered some cheaters over the years.Because of this, they pay close attention to the toboggan inspections.”We monitor the weight of the toboggan. It can’t be over 50 pounds. They have to be so wide and not too wide to fit properly in the chute and not move around. So there’s a safety factor.”The toboggans are also weighed again at the top of the chute.For one team, they’re learning all the tricks of the competition. It’s their first year.”We are going to change our weight distribution and try to lay down as much as we can.”They will be competing with some interesting skunk hats. A theme they’re tying in with their company, Nursing Anesthesia of Maine.”The skunks are because we’re gas passers.”Their first couple of runs, they made it in nine seconds, but that’s not good enough for them.”Seven seconds.”May the fastest team win.For a link to the toboggan championship schedule, go to