Verdict Reached In Haag/Cyphert Trial 

A man accused of kidnapping his girlfriend’s children has been found guilty.Police say 34-year-old Colin Haag took 35-year-old Amanda Cyphert’s children illegally from their home in South Carolina.The jury deliberated for more than three hours before a verdict was reached.The jury found Haag guilty on two counts of kidnapping while Cyphert was found guilty of criminal restraint by a parent.Police say Haag posed as a minister and Cyphert posed as his wife in several states before being arrested in Ellsworth last year.”The criminal law is designed to protect the fabric of society and you can’t have parents taking kids and running to 2 or 4 states for two and a half years,” said prosecutor Paul Cavanaugh.The verdict shocked the defense. During testimony the alleged victims never said they were held against their will and Cyphert’s own ex-husband said “this is the state’s case not mine.”Her attorney says the family was upset when the verdict was returned. They plan to appeal.”When they were told about it they were crying as they said they just want want their mom to come back home and be a part of their family,” said defense attorney Jeff Davidson.Cyphert’s son asked the judge not to put his mother in jail, the prosecution says sentencing is now in the judge’s hands.”It is possible that he can impose a sentence that is the time she’s already served, he can impose a sentence thats longer than the time served suspended part of it, release her at sentencing or some other mechanism,” Cavanaugh said.Sentencing is scheduled for February 16th.