Teenage Boy Helps Save Neighbor’s Life 

A teenage boy from Hartland did something extraordinary.And his neighbor is alive because of it.Meghan Hayward has the story.For the past nine months 17-year-old Michael McGregor has been helping out his neighbor Charlotte Jarvis.”I get her mail for her every day after I get out of school and just come over here and visit with her, make sure she’s alright. I check with her before I go to school.”Wednesday night Michael headed over to Charlotte’s house like any other time, but he soon realized something wasn’t right.”I first knew because I knocked for about ten minutes and I look through the glass here in the window and I saw her just sitting leaning forward.”The door was unlocked and Michael was able to go inside.”I said how are you doing? She just wouldn’t answer, she was acting like she didn’t know who I was and her face was all red and spotted.”Charlotte had gone into a diabetic coma.Michael’s quick call to 911 helped save her life.”I’m the only one who knows exactly what she takes, what it’s for and how many times a day she takes it. I filled them in on that and I think it helped.”Charlotte says she can’t thank Michael enough.”He’s a very good kid. I think of him as my son because he is wonderful to me.”She says she feels loved.”That’s what it’s all about. Having people for you and they care very much.”Michael echoes the same sentiment.”It feels good to know that I helped someone out. You don’t save someone’s life every day. Luckily I came over when I did because something worse could have happened if I didn’t.”