Big Decision Looming For Hartland Residents 

Hartland residents are facing a big decision this Saturday concerning the future of the towns biggest employer, Prime Tanning.The tannery filed for bankruptcy late last year. A Kentucky based company, Tasman Industries, has a proposed deal in place to buy Prime Tanning for around $6.5 million. Hartland Selectperson Judy Alton says as part of the proposed deal the town would have to enter into a cost sharing agreement with Tasman Industries on the community’s wastewater facility.Alton says that would cost Hartland taxpayers around $100,000. The tannery employs around 170 people.A special town meeting is scheduled for this Saturday at 10:00 a.m. at the Hartland Town Hall on Academy Street.Town officials will explain the details of the proposed sale and the town’s obligations. The matter will then be put to a vote. Town officials are encouraging all residents to attend.