2nd Graders Give Presidential Speeches 

It was standing room only in the gym of the Trenton Elementary School Thursday morning.Folks turned out to hear from some of our country’s past presidents.”Good Morning, I am George Washington, the very first president,” said Maxwell Malcolm, a 2nd grader at Trenton Elementary School.Lots of former presidents took center stage at Trenton Elementary School.For the 9th year in a row, 2nd graders transformed into Commanders-in-Chief, giving speeches about their presidential lives as a way to enhance their public speaking.”It is important for them to have some background about our country because they’re going to be getting into government in the 3rd grade,” said Diane Clark, 2nd grade students at Trenton Elementary School.The kids each pulled a presidents name out of a hat and that’s who they had to become, learning a lot of interesting facts along the way.”He stopped child labor,” said Bella Ross, who was Woodrow Wilson for the day.”He was a soldier and helped people, helped people in the wars,” said Carlton, who was Teddy Roosevelt for the day.”He began the NASA program,” said Rylee Meyer who was Dwight D. Eisenhower for the day.” He played football,” said Lillian Philbrook, who was Gerald Ford for the day.”He won the war against Mexico,” said Gabrielle Merchant, who was James K. Polk for the day.Security was beefed up at the school to protect the nation’s leaders as 8th graders acted as secret service members.”They come and keep them safe, protect them and act as security to give it more of an authenticity,” said Clark.The 2nd graders seemed to have a lot of fun, stepping into a presidential role.”Some of the facts about them are really cool and it’s fun to learn about them,” said Ross.They even got the presidential seal of approval from last year’s ninth President of the United States, William Henry Harrison.”I think they did pretty good,” said Rachelle Swanson, a 3rd grader.The school plans to continue the presidental speeches each year.