Florida Woman Accused of Murdering Maine Man Claims Self Defense 

A woman from Florida accused of murdering a man from Dedham told a jury on Wednesday that she shot the man to protect herself.45-year-old Tamra Leasure is charged with second degree murder in the death of 57-year-old Arthur Tilley, Junior.She’s on trial in Tampa, Florida.Police say Leasure shot Tilley three times last March during an argument in her home.The St. Petersburg Times reports Leasure took the stand today and said “Why, why would I do that, unless he was going to kill me?”But police say after the shooting, Leasure told them she put the gun in Tilley’s hand to make it look like a suicide.The Times reports Leasure told the jury she and Tilley fought about him wanting to marry her. She told him to stay away, but he didn’t, she said, “And I knew he was going to kill me.”The state rested it’s case Wednesday and it could go to the jury on Thursday.