Board Members of RSU 20 Vote to Close Frankfort Elementary School 

Board members of RSU 20 have voted to close the Frankfort Elementary School.As Meghan Hayward tell us this is only the beginning steps and not all folks are in favor.Board members voted 12-4 to begin the process of closing the Frankfort Elementary School.”We are looking at a 1.8 million dollar shortfall that we know of and plus the cost of running the school with so little number of children is a big cost to us.”Under this measure the district would aim to close the school by June 30th.”We have other places where we could absorb these kids and actually save approximately $370,000.”Board member Stephen Hopkins voted in favor of closing the school. but he says he understands why folks would be opposed.”Nobody wants to lose their hometown school.”Several residents were at the meeting when board members approved the closure.”It was very emotional, sad and frustrating. I would not have wanted to be one of the board members that was sitting up there and having to vote. But I also was very uncomfortable as a resident of the community. To see the hurt that was going on in the room by the community members, teachers, staff and family. It was tough.”Seth Brown has two children that attend Frankfort Elementary School.”I think for our community specifically this is the heat of our town. And not only is it used for the children but there’s also a lot of town functions that happen here.”Board member Twyler Webster voted against the closure.”I strongly feel that small elementary schools are much better for children than the larger ones. It keeps them in their communities and they’re close knit and get more attention.”Even though the board voted in favor of the closure.It’s not a done deal.It’s only the beginning of a lengthy process the state requires in order for a district to close a school. That includes a referendum where Frankfort residents will weigh in on the issue.