$5.3 Million Project Approved for School 

Old facilities and portable classrooms are just a couple of the problems plaguing Old Town High School.”In all the classrooms I’m in they’re a bit too small. My environmental chemistry class, the tables are all smushed together, and we do a lot of work, we just don’t have a lot of space,” said OHS junior, Lee Jackson.But that’s all going to change.On Tuesday, a proposal to build a new two-story building and renovate the science classrooms was approved.”We have been approved for up to 3-million dollars in interest free bonds, and we’ve applied for the remaining 2.3-million in interest free bonds,” said Superintendent of RSU 34, David Walker.The plan won support from voters in Bradley and Old Town, with only Alton voting against it.”People have been very supportive. Obviously no one likes to have their property taxes increased, and so we’re going to work very hard to minimize the impact on the taxpayer.”But it’s a price worth paying for the future of the school.Two years ago, Old Town High was put on probation by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges.”It’s all facilities related and directly related to our science labs, so we had the choice when we formed our committee to do something like this and creating a whole new structure and that’s what we decided to do,” said Principal, Scott Gordon.A decision that’s sitting well with faculty members, like art teacher, Rachel Betterly.”I’m excited! Right now the art wing is sort of hidden in the school, so I think it will be really nice that it’ll sort of be a more integral part of the school.”And if all goes according to schedule, the new space will be ready in 2012.