UPDATE: Defendant Misses Dog Mauling Trial 

The trial of a dog owner whose pet almost killed a Lagrange woman took place today, without him. Twenty-eight year old Adam Bemis didn’t show up to his civil trial in Lincoln.Prosecutors say his dog attacked Karen Stewart in November, leaving her critically injured.Bemis was charged with keeping a dangerous dog.The judge ruled that he lost by default, and fined Bemis the maximum one-thousand dollars. Stewart says she wishes more could be done.”If I was the judge on this case, on every case, anybody who owns a dog and had the same thing I had done, I’d throw them in jail, throw away the key. That’s what I’d do. Make them pay all the medical bills and everything else.”The judge explained to Stewart that because the case is considered civil, not criminal, Bemis can only face a fine.He did order that tracking devices be used with any dogs Bemis has in the future.