Trial of a Man Accused of Kidnapping His Girlfriend’s Children Begins 

The trial of a man accused of kidnapping his girlfriend’s children began Tuesday in Machias.Police say 34-year-old Colin Haag took 35-year-old Amanda Cyphert’s children illegally from their home state of South Carolina. Police say Haag, posing as a minister, and Cyphert posing as his wife, traveled through several states until arrested last spring in Ellsworth.The children have since been reunited with their father.The prosecution gave their opening statements saying they are focusing on whether or not the girls were in danger while the defense says this trial is just a custody battle blown out of proportion.Cyphert who is charged with criminal restraint by a parent is also on trial.Cyphert’s 10-year-old daughter took the stand saying she and her sister moved around to several states and were home-schooled.She also said Haag told her not to call her father.Cyphert’s ex-husband Randall Hodges testified he searched for his daughters during the two years they were gone.He said he tracked them down through a church website where Haag and Cyphert posed as a married couple.During cross examination we learned Cyphert spent time with her daughters on Monday. When the defense asked Hodges why he let his children spend time with a quote accused kidnapper all he said was “That’s the state’s charge.”The trial will continue Thursday where a verdict is expected.