Local Students Take on Rachel’s Challenge 

Students at Hermon and Caravel Middle School’s have taken on a challenge. Rachel’s Challenge.The goal is to make the world a kinder, gentler place.”Rachel with just a few of her quotes or her diary, just a few of those words impacted millions of people,” said Katie Woodilla, an 8th grader at Hermon Middle School.Rachel Scott was the first student killed at Columbine High School in April 1999. Before her death, she wrote an essay about what the world would be like with more random acts of kindness.”In her short time on the planet she touched so many lives,” said Kasey Holland, an 8th grader at Hermon Middle School.Her story travels to schools across the country through “Rachel’s Challenge”, a presentation with the goal of motivating kids to be kind. Hermon and Caravel Middle School students have accepted the challenge. “I learned more about the Columbine shooting that happened and how it impacted so many lives,” said Woodilla.Casey Whitney, an 8th grader at Caravel Middle School said the program had a big impact on her, “It reaches out to your heart and pulls you into it.”Students watch video about Rachel’s life and legacy, and are encouraged to get involved, make a difference and create a chain reaction of kindess.”I think a lot of people at our school will get the impact that everyone hoped they would get and they will change,” said Kayla McLeish, an 8th grader at Caravel Middle School.”You never really know how far kindness can go, because it really impacts everybody with just a few little words,” added Woodilla.Some students from Hermon and Caravel Middle School’s will be trained as peer group leaders, helping other students succeed at Rachel’s Challenge. For more information on the program visit