Volunteer Soup Kitchen Warming Stomachs and Hearts 

With cold temperatures and all the snow on the ground, it can be tough to get out and socialize.It can also be hard for some folks to get a nice, warm meal.A volunteer soup kitchen in Southwest Harbor is changing all that, providing entertainment, food and friendship to anyone wishing to take part.”In the winter, people need something to help boost their morale, to boost their spirits and a reason to come together in the winter when people are isolated,” said Larry Stettner, Founder of the Common Good Soup Kitchen Community.That’s just what the Common Good Soup Kitchen Community in Southwest Harbor is doing: bringing folks together, one meal at a time.”Everybody can come in and enjoy and have a good time and people who need it or want it can take home food to help feed themselves and their families as well,” said Stettner. The winter program is run by volunteers, making meals and teaching classes.”I’m trying to teach playfulness more than anything. This is my happy place and I want everybody to come with me,” said Denise Hilton.Denise Hilton is teaching folks how to make Valentine’s cookies, “It really is exciting. It’s a great hobby and it makes people smile.”That’s one of the Common Good Soup Kitchen’s goals, to make people smile while warming their hearts and stomachs. “It’s an inspiring message you know, pay what you can, don’t worry about paying at all, everybody’s welcome,” said Eileen Dunn-Kell.”There’s so much heart and spirit and local Maine stick-to-itness. There’s a need for what we’re trying to offer and it’s brought a sense of community to people that have become very separate,” added Denise Hilton.For more information visit