Piled Snow Concerns Drivers 

Snow continues to pile up around Maine. It’s especially high around entrances to the interstate as well as many other intersections.Road crews are doing what they can to keep people in cars safe.Large snow banks have become a common sight in Maine. Seeing over them is impossible – not a good thing when you’re driving.”I have a little car,” says Elizabeth Leavitt, a Bangor resident. “So pulling out onto a busy street is a little scary, not being able to see and inching out and hoping that nobody takes off the front end of my car.”D.O.T. crews and local public works departments are doing their best to knock down the piles, but Mother Nature isn’t making it easy.”We have a day or two of respite between storms,” says Steven Thebarge, Region Four Manager for the Maine D.O.T. “So we really haven’t had as much of an opportunity as we’d like to address the snow on the side roads.”Thebarge says interstate exits are their top priority right now. transportation supervisors are constantly on the look out for problem areas. Folks can also log onto the dot’s website, to report a problem.”We may not be able to instantaneously respond to your concern,” says Thebarge, “but it will be assessed within 24 to 48 hours.”Driveways are another big concern.”There are huge snow banks that backing out of driveways and you just can’t see,” says Sargeant Paul Edwards with the Bangor Police Department. “So we would recommend that maybe in the effort to get that taken out of there, and maybe shovel it down or shovel it back a little bit.”Sgt. edwards also recommends drivers begin slowing down way before they get to a snow-blocked intersections, as much as 100 feet if possible. If you have concerns about a high snow bank in your area, log on to to the left hand column, and click “Report a Problem.”