Winter Plunge for Good Cause 

As quickly as they jumped in, they came out even faster.In sets of two’s and three’s, anyone who had the nerve plunged into the ice cold Phillips Lake.”It won’t last long. It’s for a good reason.”For a few seconds, they forgot about the temperature and remembered the people they were helping. The adults and kids who attend two local summer camps that cater to campers with disabilities and life threatening illnesses. “I work with people with disabilities and this is the bomb. This is the place to be, and I wanted to support that.”Camp CaPella and Camp Sunshine hosted their fourth annual Freezin’ Polar Plunge. It’s a fundraising effort that CaPella’s Director, Dana Mosher, says helps offset the cost of their programs.”Most of the kids that come here to this camp just wouldn’t be able to go anywhere else because of the severity of the disabilities. That’s where this money goes to. It brings these kids to camp, where they can just be a kid, having fun, and despite the disabilities learning what their abilities are.”And it’s a reward that the brains behind the event believes comes at very little cost to the brave volunteers who go for a dip.”You’re cold for a couple minutes and the way I look at is you’re over that in just a few minutes. You’re warmed up, dried off back to normal where the kids with disabilities and life threatening illnesses do not get over it,” said the event’s founder, Joe Dowling.But because of donations, they’ll get a chance to be like any other kid spending their summer at camp.