South China Man Turning Wood Into Art 

If you’re looking for David Lancaster, chances are you’ll find him here, in his woodshop making these custom heirloom bowls. Lancaster says his love for woodworking started back when he was just 7-years-old. “I saw the movie Pinocchio, fell in love with Pinocchio, started selling seeds door to door and bought a jigsaw,” says Lancaster. “Started making things with a jigsaw, making little Pinocchio puppets. It just blossomed from there.”And blossomed it has. Lancaster has owned and operated his own successful business, hand crafting these bowls, spending the past 20 years doing what he loves. “Made a lot of bowls over the years,” he says. “Thousands and thousands. Most of my bowls, the price range is between $100 and $200.”But some of his bowls have sold for much more, some going for thousands of dollars. His work is also attracting national attention. Lancaster has appeared on canadian television numerous times and last month, he spent some time on the Martha Stewart Show. “The Martha Stewart experience was pretty neat. You know we loaded up a 1000 pound lathe into a van and we went to New York City. We were there a couple days and it was just a great experience.”After all these years of doing what he loves, Lancaster says he has no plans of slowing down or retiring. “Plan on doing the same thing forever probably. Never retiring. Keep on making the bowls.”