Big City Taste Comes To Waterville With New Thai Restaurant 

Two siblings from Waterville have taken a risk and opened a sandwich shop they say is the first of it’s kind in Central Maine and possibly the entire state.23-year-old Jon Thoopsamoot and his sister Minty opened their new restaurant Mum-Mum’s a little more than a month ago. Thoopsmoot says the concept is unique to this area.They’ve taken classic Asian and Thai dishes and turned them into sandwiches. The young owners say this type of restaurant is usually only found in big cities. They’re hoping it will be just as successful in Waterville. “It’s different, it’s unique,” says Jon Thoopsmoot. “It has sandwiches you usually know about with an Asian flair to it. It’s something we’re trying to bring to the greater Waterville area.”The owners say business has been pretty good so far despite the snowy weather. Mum-Mum’s is located on the Armory road in Waterville.