Hermon Seeks Proposals from Private Ambulance Services 

The town of Hermon recently decided to seek proposals for ambulance services from private companies.That has some citizens concerned their volunteer rescue unit is going away.Even if a private company is chosen, the volunteer unit will be sticking around.The volunteer rescue unit has been serving the town of Hermon for more than 40 years.They are a separate entity from the town and the unit has never had a contract.But Town Manager Clinton Deschene says now is the time.”We want it in writing. This service is important to the community. It should be in writing for a variety of reasons. One for insurance purposes, liability reasons and professionalism.”Deschene says they’re very happy with the services of the volunteer unit.”But to say that will continue. Yes they say it will, but if you have a contract that spells it out, we know it will.”Sherman Mason works for the Hermon Rescue Unit. He says they were initially hesitant about the contract, but have decided they will help the town out as much as they can.They’ve given the council three proposals.”For the most part, we’ve proposed working with the fire department and the town. We’ve already been in negotiations with the fire department. We signed a contract so that they can send a first responder service so we can get people out there quicker.”Mason says if their proposal isn’t chosen, they won’t be going anywhere.”It means we’re going to have to work a little harder and we’re going to be here for the people pretty much no matter what because we’ve been here forever and we care about the people.”There will be a workshop on the matter Thursday, February 17th at 7 pm in the council chambers. the public is welcome to come and voice their opinions.