Mink Cause Commotion at a Brownville Store 

A furry creature is causing quite the commotion at a store in Brownville.Meghan Hayward explains.A fish tank with no fish.” A few days back. We just got the fish about a week and half ago and it wasn’t long after that they showed up.”What showed up? A mink.” When John was sitting at the desk here he noticed a racket going on in the back. And went out there and noticed the mink had knocked out the hose and drained down our tank. So he was swimming in a bath of fish.”Vice President of The Junction Store, Donald Belvin says of the 500 fish, they only sold about a dozen. The minks have gotten the rest.Belvin says it has cost them a couple hundred dollars in retail.” One of our friends bought us a live trap and we were able to catch the mink and take him down to the river and let them go but we’ve noticed there’s more than one.”Belvin says they are getting in through their cold room storage.But they plan on buying more fish.” We’ll barricade it quite well back there now. They didn’t give us enough time put the mesh on.”Despite the little hassle, Belvin is keeping a good sense of humor.” You’ve got to laugh. That’s never happened here. We’re going on our eighth year now.”