Local Groundhog Makes Prediction 

In the dead of winter, when the temperature is hovering around thirteen degrees, it’s only natural to look for signs of spring. In Orono, they rely on their groundhog, Dirigo Dug, to give them just that.He’s the weather forecaster at the Dirigo Pines Retirement Community. “Well, Dirigo Dug is the best. His predictions are always correct,” said local resident, Bill Anderson.According to Anderson, he’s giving Punxsutawney Phil a run for his money.”Sometimes when Punxsutawney Phil comes out, it’s not always that accurate.”In a ceremony that somewhat mirrors Pennsylvania’s tradition, the community’s Mayor, William Bartlett, officiates the event, which is a job he takes very seriously.”Heavens, I’m the Mayor of the place and I have to announce all of this. I have to do my duty.”Once Mayor Bartlett coaxed Dug out of his tent, the sight of his shadow broke the news to everyone who lives at the center: six more weeks of winter lie ahead. “I just came from Florida, so I have all the winter I can take right now.”But even if they don’t like the prediction, they’ll stand by it.”Yes, Maine would never be wrong.”And neither would Dug.