Waterville Public Works Braces For Winter Storm 

As the second part of this powerful storm approaches most people are making sure they’ve got their shovels and snowblowers handy. The same goes for public works crews across the state who are bracing for a long day.Crews in Waterville got started clearing off roads a little after 1:00 this afternoon. Waterville Public Works Director Mark Turner says with the recent barrage of storms they’re starting to run low on materials like salt. Turner says the size of the storm usually doesn’t matter as even the smaller storms can take a toll. “Even the little 1-2 inch storm sometimes use up as much material as an 8-10 inch storm,” he says. “It does add up regardless of the amount of accumulation or snow we get.”Turner says they usually plan for around 15 storms per year. He says this storm will mark the 18th winter storm. The Waterville Public Works crew is planning to hit the roads around 5:00 Wednesday morning for what could be around an 18 hour day.