Jury Gives Final Verdict in Hofland Trial 

The trial of a man convicted of kidnapping a group of elementary school students on Halloween of 2008 finally came to an end today.Last week, Randall Hofland was convicted of 39 out of 40 charges.Today, the jury threw out Hofland’s defense that he’s not guilty by reason of insanity.They’re holding him criminally responsible for all of the convictions.It took the jury just over half an hour to deliberate following closing arguments.During Hofland’s statement, he told the jury that what he did at stockton springs elementary that day was crazy, and not something he would normally do.He testified that in the days leading up to the incident, he believed police were trying to kill him.Hofland blames his fear on the traffic stop that occurred just eight days before he went to the school.It was during that stop that an officer accused him of pointing a gun at her. But in the state’s final remarks, District Attorney, Geoffrey Rushlau, says Hofland recognized that what he was doing at the school was wrong. He asked the jury to acknowledge Hofland as an arrogant man, who blames everyone else for his problems.