Husson University Announces $15 Million Expansion 

A big announcement on a big addition to the Husson University campus.On Tuesday, school officials revealed plans to add a five-story multi-purpose building to the Bangor campus.The 15-million dollar facility will house 240 students in suite style living facilities, a first for the university.Second year student Caryce Morell lives in a campus dorm. She believes living in a suite would be sweet.”Lots more space, probably better for studying, we can probably cook on our own, that kind of thing, more easily but we still have everyone around,” she said.The new building will also contain classrooms dedicated to specific academic programs such as communication and business. University officials call this 15-million dollar project an “income producing property.” “As a result of that, funds in the housing fees will generate support to in quote pay for the facility over time,” said University Presidednt Bob Clark.The plan is to build it on the circle between Hart Hall and Peabody Hall.Clark says the new building will attract even more students to Husson.”When they see the kind of state of the art equipment, residential facilities, and the focus on student success at Husson this completes the package of attracting students to the campus.”The university will also renovate and enlarge a dining hall.The dining hall project will cost the university 3-million dollars. It is expected to be done by August of this year.